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 I don’t know what that was about. Was it a good thing? Sorry I was away for a while. 


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TIFF 2014 TIG Premiere - Benedict Cumberbatch is hot [x]

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BC - Tiff 2014

I like you Ben,but I’m really not sure about your shirt.

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Those at YOU HQ who were still sitting on the Benedict Cumberbatch fence practically flung themselves over it on seeing this vision in a wet shirt. BC found his inner Darcy for a shoot with Jason Bell (he of cute Prince George photo fame), who was commissioned by TK Maxx to shoot a variety of famous faces, including Liam Neeson, Kate Winslet and Jerry Hall, to celebrate ten years of its Give Up Clothes For Good campaign, which has raised more than £17 million for Cancer Research. Bell’s photographs will be exhibited at La Galleria on Pall Mall, London, from Tuesday until Saturday. tkmaxx.com.



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Benedict Cumberbatch - being a nutter as usual whilst being interviewed by THR at Tiff - (x)

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If the Cumbercollective had a motto:


Fuck you, Benedict.  But also fuck you.

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I’m dying. I don’t know where this come from,but i’m literally dying here.

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TIFF 2014: Stubble vs Clean Shaven

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Anonymous: It's okay. I hope you're okay. :)

I’m not totally alright,but I’m working on it. Thanks anon.

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Avalange of Benedict's stuff
He looks good no matter his haircut and I do not know how he does it.
Inspired by Go Fuck Yourself Tom Hiddleston.
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